Grammar Blog

A teacher works with a student, teaching grammar.

Different Methods of Teaching Grammar explains various methods of teaching grammar and the outlines some of the pros and cons of each.

International students do their homework together.

Five Struggles Faced by International Students and How to Overcome Them lists five of the struggles faced by international students and suggests ways to over come them.

A woman yells "Back to School!"

Top 10 Grammar Rules You Can’t Believe You Didn’t Learn Until University’s list of the top 10 grammar rules you can’t believe you didn’t learn until university.

A red pencil corrects an error in a paper.

The Most Important Grammar Rules to Remember When a Spell-checker Isn’t an Option lists some of the most important grammar rules that you should remember when a spell-checker isn’t available. explains some dos and don'ts for people who are new to Canada.

So, You’re New to Canada, Eh? explains some dos and don’ts for people who are new to Canada.

Popular Internet abbreviations appear in retro speech bubbles.

Beyond the LOLs and Hashtags: English Is the Language of Online Business explains the impact of English being the language of online business.

A "Compose Message" icon in an email inbox.

It’s Just an Email…Right? explains why grammar and tone are so important in a professional email.

A mother and son read together.

It’s in the Pages: Reading for Pleasure Makes for Better Writers explains the positive ways in which reading for pleasure can affect other areas of your life.

A young businessman holds a "Looking for a job" sign.

How to Be Productive While Unemployed explains how to be productive while unemployed by learning new things, checking items off your bucket list, and revamping your resume.

Businesspeople are arranged in a circle around the word "teamwork."

Five Obstacles Businesspeople Face When Learning English (and Why You Can’t Afford to Let These Obstacles Defeat You) lists five obstacles businesspeople face when learning English and explains why you can’t afford to let these obstacles defeat you.